Renewable energy is a sustainable energy source that can be reproduced repeatedly through use of existing resources and thus characterized as an ecological source due to its nature-friendly aspect. As the traditional energy sources continue to deplete gradually, the importance of renewable energy sources is increasing.

Solar energy is one of the leading energy types among sustainable energy sources.

In this context, the services offered by our company can be listed as follows;

Operation and Maintenance services are critical for any Power Plant to maintain its service life as anticipated. Our Professional Operation and Maintenance unit keeps the power plants under our responsibility under 24-hour control using dedicated software and remote monitoring infrastructure.

• Visualization

• Periodical Maintenance

• Servicing

In line with the demands of our investors, turnkey installation (EPC) services are provided starting from the idea stage until commissioning of the power plant for production.

Implementation is carried out in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Necessary information is provided by closely monitoring the changes in application legislation, and our investors are informed in due time regarding any measures to be taken.

• Project Approval Procedures

• Site Organization

• Procurement Processes

• Logistics Organization

• Installation and Assembly Procedures

• Quality control

• Commissioning and Acceptance Procedures

Based on its knowledge and experience, our company provides project design and engineering services in order to achieve maximum benefit to its investors from the power plant.

• Site Survey

• Feasibility

• System Design

• Production Simulation

• Technical Concept Studies

• Power Generation Analysis

We deliver international services with our value adding integrated solutions.

We add value.