Our company continues its operations by aiming to add value to your projects thanks to the leading and

reliable brands of the sector in the fields of technology such as CCTV, Network and Security Systems by

further incorporating the capacity of its business partners to its strength thanks to the advancing



Professional Sound, Light and Visual Systems ensure that the persons who perform on any stage or act as

spokesman/spokeswoman are visualized in the best manner available, and that the audience remains in

constant communication with the stage.

These systems are frequently used at the meetings, conferences, presentations, theaters, operas, cultural

and congress centers, cinemas, concert halls, hospitals, mosques, stadiums and sports complexes, service

buildings etc.

Professional Sound and Light Systems

These are the systems installed at indoor or outdoor areas with audiences and used to enhance the

communication of the audience with the stage to the highest level possible at areas such as meeting,

conference, presentation, theater, opera, cultural and congress centers, cinemas, concert halls, hospitals,

mosques, stadiums and sports complexes, service buildings etc.

Offering powerful and homogeneous sound through use of devices such as speakers, amplifiers, mixers and

microphones, dedicated studies are performed for each project and the suitable equipment for the

Professional Sound Systems is identified as specific to each project.

LED Screen Display Systems

LED screens which offer ease of use and unlimited display features are suitable for both indoor and outdoor

use. The visual performance is at highest level even at outdoors under sunlight.

These screens that allow you to transfer your services and advertisements in the most accurate way

continue to gain great momentum thanks to the advancements in technology.

Professional Visualization and Presentation System

The projector, which is widely used in the professional visualization systems, allows transfer of the video

signal received from any external source to the screen or on any flat surface, thus transmitting the image to

the audience with higher and better quality in large areas. This system is also called as the projection

system and image transmission systems.

The professional visualization systems are preferred in many areas where it is desired to transfer images

such as the universities, cinemas and theater halls, conference halls, multi-purpose halls, sports and

entertainment halls, meeting and seminar halls, exhibition halls, concert areas, show centers, congress

centers, etc.

These systems are usually used in conjunction with the professional sound and lighting systems.


Our company operates by generating turnkey solutions in the fields of electrical-electronic contracting systems for smart buildings and facilities equipped with the most advanced technology such as institution service buildings, stadiums, hospitals, industrial facilities, school and faculty buildings, business centers, shopping malls, banks, hotels, social facilities, border gates, ports, etc.

Medium and High Voltage Electrical Systems

It is grid used for connecting the medium voltage, high and very high voltage grids and low voltage grids. It is generally used for transmitting electrical energy to the large buildings, industrial areas and cities.

Some of the system contents implemented by our company are as follows;

• Medium voltage transformer and switchgear

• Energy transmission lines

• Organized industrial zones planning and distribution line applications


High Current Electrical Systems

Some of the system contents implemented by our company are as follows;

• Grounding System

• LV Wiring System

• LV Panel System

• Compensation System

• Generator System

• UPS System

• Lighting system

• Bus-Bar System

• Cable Tray Infrastructure System


Weak Current Electrical Systems

The weak current systems provide almost the entire information and control flows within any building and form basis for all workflows and business processes. The computer networks, internet, audio communication, building control, workflow automation systems, security and video surveillance systems are operated by weak current systems.

Some of the system contents implemented by our company are as follows;

• Structured Cabling System

• Data-Telephone System

• Tv- IpTv System

• Fire Alarm Systems

• Security and Alarm Systems

• Video Surveillance and Video Recording Systems

• Access Control Systems

• Automation Control Systems

• Voice Alarm System

• Installation of IT Networks


Renewable energy is a sustainable energy source that can be reproduced repeatedly through use of existing resources and thus characterized as an ecological source due to its nature-friendly aspect. As the traditional energy sources continue to deplete gradually, the importance of renewable energy sources is increasing.

Solar energy is one of the leading energy types among sustainable energy sources.

In this context, the services offered by our company can be listed as follows;

Maintenance - Repair and Servicing

Operation and Maintenance services are critical for any Power Plant to maintain its service life as anticipated. Our Professional Operation and Maintenance unit keeps the power plants under our responsibility under 24-hour control using dedicated software and remote monitoring infrastructure.

• Visualization

• Periodical Maintenance

• Servicing

EPC-Turnkey Installation

In line with the demands of our investors, turnkey installation (EPC) services are provided starting from the idea stage until commissioning of the power plant for production.

Implementation is carried out in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Necessary information is provided by closely monitoring the changes in application legislation, and our investors are informed in due time regarding any measures to be taken.

• Project Approval Procedures

• Site Organization

• Procurement Processes

• Logistics Organization

• Installation and Assembly Procedures

• Quality control

• Commissioning and Acceptance Procedures

Project Design and Engineering

Based on its knowledge and experience, our company provides project design and engineering services in order to achieve maximum benefit to its investors from the power plant.

• Site Survey

• Feasibility

• System Design

• Production Simulation

• Technical Concept Studies

• Power Generation Analysis

We deliver international services with our value adding integrated solutions.

We add value.