Our company continues its operations by aiming to add value to your projects thanks to the leading and reliable brands of the sector in the fields of technology such as CCTV, Network and Security Systems by further incorporating the capacity of its business partners to its strength thanks to the advancing technology.

CCTV stands for the combination of the initials of the words "Close Circuit TeleVision" in English and means closed circuit camera system.

As known, television systems mean transmission of both audio and video signals received from a specific center to multitude of people with various receiver types. Unlike this system, CCTV is a system that allows display of the images taken from the cameras placed in the areas to be monitored in a local area only by the authorized persons, thus which is not accessible by all. The fields of usage for the CCTV systems include;

• Border gates security check,

• Traffic monitoring and management system,

• Product quality and security control in workplaces, factories and enterprises,

• Security check in public buildings and detection of malicious people,

• Presentation of displays from different places in areas such as Conference Halls, theater, stage, etc.

X-Ray instruments are devices that provide information about the contents of the objects by subjecting the objects to stationary X-ray source.

X-Ray instruments contain an X-ray source and a group of detectors opposite this source for detecting the rays. The objects are placed on the path of these rays, and the rays passing through the objects are detected by the detectors (photodiodes).

The X-Ray instruments are generally used for determining whether objects such as bags, suitcases, parcels, packages, envelopes, etc. contain any threatening content for the security and for identifying the contents thereof. Operating such low-radiation device, which allows the attendant to monitor the presence of hazardous materials on the screen by passing X-ray over the baggage without opening the baggage, requires operator training, and is one of the tools used for checking the goods.

State-of-the-art X-ray devices can provide excellent picture quality in distinguishing organic and inorganic substances, and are capable of providing precise clarity at the picture quality thanks to their advanced X-RAY technology and computer picture programs specifically developed for this purpose in order to easily detect substances such as bombs, weapons, drugs, etc.

Access Control Systems are the systems used to control the access of people or an ensemble of people to a certain location, to provide security and to contain such area. Access Control Systems point can be the turnstiles, doors, elevators, parking lots or places with restricted access. Access Control Systems are widely used in public service buildings, institution buildings, hotels, hospitals, stadiums, private company entrance and exit gates, and entrances and exits to/from data centers or system rooms.

The preference on systems such as Time-controlled access, Biometric Access Systems and Card Access Systems considered among the Access Control Systems should be identified based on specific needs. Prior to installing the system, the number of personnel and visitors to gain access through the system should be taken into consideration. The most important aspect of any access control system is the speed of the system, smooth operation, error-free reporting and ease of access.

Structured cabling is an infrastructure installed indoors in order to ensure the smooth transmission of energy, telephone, data, voice, security systems signals, and enables management of such systems from a single point and expansion of the infrastructure when necessary.

The structured cabling aims to ensure smooth transmission of data and energy, which represents one of the most important demands of institutions. Structured cabling is open for development and integration of the systems such as internet, computer, telephone/switchboard, lighting, fire detection and notification systems, security camera systems, access control systems, public address and emergency announcement systems, smart building automation systems, etc.

Professional Display solutions include videowall screens that operate 24/7 uninterruptedly. The systems established by controlling and managing multiple screens as a whole, whether symmetrically or asymmetrically, are called Videowall systems. The Videowall systems saving us the cost, installation and maintenance difficulties of monolithic gigantic screens are considered as one of the most preferred solutions for large screen requirements today.

The systems are preferred especially at areas such as Monitoring and Control Rooms, Command Centers, TV Studios, Sports Complexes and Stadiums, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Airports, Exhibition and Fair Grounds, Conference and Meeting Halls, Emergency Management and Coordination Centers, etc.

A system room (Data Center) is the unit that accommodates the interrelated components such as computer systems, communication and storage, etc. all in one location. In general, a redundant power supply system, redundant communication connections, devices that control environmental variables such as temperature and humidity, and security devices are also installed within the room. The main purpose of the data centers is to ensure that the operational data of the organization and the applications used for performing their operations function safely and quickly without any malfunction.

By applying System Room solution; all data of any institution allows 24/7 operability, error-free smooth operation and continuous monitoring, power management, secure data redundancy, network security, authorization and video surveillance for physical access, and protects the data by controlling environmental conditions, and use of early warning systems such as smoke detection for fire precautions, etc.

The systems included in the application are as follows;

• Cabinet Systems,

• Fire Detection and Extinguishing Equipment,

• Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems,

• Heat, Moisture Detection and Warning,

• Precision Air Conditioning Systems,

• Fire Resistant Door and Wall Systems,

• Raised Floor Systems,

• Cable Support Systems,

• Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Generators,

• IP Camera, and

• Unauthorized Person Access Control Systems

The Network Systems are communication systems that enable transfer of data from one end to another, wherein information and system resources are shared by different users. These systems provide resource sharing and network communication via wired or wireless systems.

The systems in which two or more computer hardware allowing sharing of hardware and software resources in the computer system are combined through either wired or wireless systems are called the network systems. Network systems basically consist of the infrastructure that connects these systems, and the connectors installed on the infrastructure. Some of those devices are products such as Server, Switch, Hub, Repeater, Bridge, Router, Firewall, Gateway etc.