System Room Solutions

A system room (Data Center) is the unit that accommodates the interrelated components such as computer systems, communication and storage, etc. all in one location. In general, a redundant power supply system, redundant communication connections, devices that control environmental variables such as temperature and humidity, and security devices are also installed within the room. The main purpose of the data centers is to ensure that the operational data of the organization and the applications used for performing their operations function safely and quickly without any malfunction.

By applying System Room solution; all data of any institution allows 24/7 operability, error-free smooth operation and continuous monitoring, power management, secure data redundancy, network security, authorization and video surveillance for physical access, and protects the data by controlling environmental conditions, and use of early warning systems such as smoke detection for fire precautions, etc.

The systems included in the application are as follows;

• Cabinet Systems,

• Fire Detection and Extinguishing Equipment,

• Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems,

• Heat, Moisture Detection and Warning,

• Precision Air Conditioning Systems,

• Fire Resistant Door and Wall Systems,

• Raised Floor Systems,

• Cable Support Systems,

• Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Generators,

• IP Camera, and

• Unauthorized Person Access Control Systems